Savannah 4600 Pocket Sprung Mattress

Warranty: 3 Years

Size: Single (3’0”)
  • Briody In-House manufactured 4600 Pocket Sping System Encapsulated in Foam
  • Pocket Sprung Interior: The Savannah Mattress has an incredible 4600 count Pocket Sping system in place which adds amazing comfort to the mattress and provides you with personalised support and response
  • Natural Latex - The Savannah Mattress boasts an amazing Natural Latex upholstery layer that provides anti-allergen qualities to the mattress, helping with allergy flare up
  • Micro Quilted Fabric: The Savannah Mattress has been made with micro-quilted, soft knit fabric, providing softness and comfort to the pillow top and mattress
  • Airflow Springs: It has a 3000 Posturfil HD Airflow Spring layer which adds extra conforming comfort and helps with breathability

The Savannah Mattress has an array of features that will aim to provide you with the best night’s sleep possible. It has an incredible pocket sprung system to give you personalised response and support, assisting also with pressure point relief to help you achieve a deeper sleep. It has a Natural Latex upholstery layer and has a micro quilted cover made from soft knit fabric. As well as boasting other amazing qualities, this mattress contains high quality performance fibre that has been made from 100% recycled materials, that helps conserve precious natural resources, meaning this Savannah Mattress is an incredibly eco-friendly option for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

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