Build to Rent

  • Build-to-rent specialist
  • Working with developers, investors and corporate landlords
  • A design partner from the initial construction onwards
  • Premium interior design
  • Project management from concept to installation

Perfect design for build-to-rent apartments

Interior design and furniture fit-outs for the build-to-rent sector in Dublin and across Ireland. Bring us in from the beginning of your build and we will provide the designs that attract the tenants you want.

Apartment Chic - Build-to-rent tenants appreciate well-designed, versatile spaces and furniture. We provide design-led apartment fit-outs for build-to-rent developers and landlords. We can work directly with you from the beginning of your build process, so you can be sure of every detail right from the start. We can help whether you already have a construction project up-and-running or are looking to refit an existing building.

Market Understanding - The build-to-rent sector is small but growing, providing a hassle-free way for tenants to move. Our knowledgeable team will help create designs that meet their needs. We know you have to balance multiple considerations at once. We know that, while your ideal tenants want a premium apartment, you still need to balance your books. The build-to-rent sector can be lucrative. When you get it right, it works perfectly, both for you and your tenants.

Our Process



We will find out about your business: your needs, ideas, timeframe and budget. What do your customers want from you? What vision do you have for the future of your business?



From the conceptual pillars, come designs that are collaborative, practical and memorable. Whether a single room or a large construction, we will make sure your design fits your budget and goals



We have an established procurement network and experience finding products that fit our concept perfectly. We will use this network to find the right product for your project and order what you need, when you need



Our sales, design and logistics teams will take care of your project and deliver the perfect product for your needs. We will keep you posted about the progress and make sure we meet your deadlines, without exception. And our network of experienced distributors will make sure your products reach you in pristine condition



Our hardworking installation team will take care of everything for you. We will work closely with you to find the right date for your installation, assemble all furniture and remove all packaging, leaving your property ready to move in to



Our team will still be there for you after installation. All the products we use come with long-term guarantees and we are on hand for advice and support, anytime you need it. Reach out and we will be happy to answer all your questions and help you with anything you need

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