Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment

  • Home accessories for bedroom, bathroom and kitchen
  • White goods with long term warranty
  • Window treatment by expert lead logistics team
  • Quality service for final unwrapping of goods
  • Properties suitable for living in immediately
  • In-depth design consultation to meet your needs
  • Customised rental packages with flexible terms.

Durable and functional finishing touches for your property

We know what are the key services that our clients will be looking for when it comes to fitting out a property. The last thing you will want to do after organising the design and supply of your fitout will be the loose end that includes furniture, fixtures and equipment. FF&E is the well used contractual term that most of the industry works with to categorise the movable, non-fixed furnishing products that are specified for an interiors project. Moitif Pro is well versed in providing these finishing touches with our large catalogue. 

Electrical appliances - Subject to the law in Ireland, all dwellings must provide a suitable amount of equipment for tenants to use including but not limited to microwaves, fridges, fire blankets etc. Our large catalogue of supplies has a huge variety of electrical equipment and home accessories to suit all budgets and lead times. 

Ready for use - Our tailored packages can include all the final pieces to ensure that there are no loose ends on site prior to handover or letting. Our logistics team are even prepared to set up the equipment on site and make the beds so your tenants can move in straight away!

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