The Clocks, Thomas Street

Our Client proudly presents "The Clocks," a distinctive project that breathes new life into a historic building dating back to the 1600s. This unique structure, situated above the renowned 'Clocks' pub, features self-contained apartments, each with its own distinctive shape and size. Our commitment to excellence is showcased through our collaboration with the client to achieve a uniform furniture look and feel, while expertly space planning each room to cater to the specific needs of the end-users.

In the meticulous revival of this historical gem into modern apartments, our client played a pivotal role in contributing to the interior finishes. We worked closely with the builder to curate a harmonious blend of paint colours, material finishes, lighting fixtures, and layouts, ensuring that every element enhances the overall aesthetic and functionality of the building. Our focus on detail extends to every part of the project, ensuring a seamless integration that transforms 'The Clocks' into a contemporary living space while preserving its rich historical charm. Our Client takes pride in revitalising this architectural treasure, creating a perfect synergy between the past and present for an unparallelled residential experience.

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